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The 27th Edition of the conference IMANEE-2023 will take place at Technical University of Moldova dedicated in general for Industry 4.0 demands in mechanical and industrial engineering and in particular for mechanical transmissions.

For this reason, a new conference topic has been added: Development of mechanical transmissions. The thematic framework of this conference topic will focus on the research achieved in the Republic of Moldova regarding the Planetary Precessional Transmissions invented and developed at Technical University of Moldova and protected by over 230 patents and authors certificates.

Development of the Planetary Precessional Transmissions in terms of their evolution from conceptual design to prototype manufacturing and various applications highlighted the need for expansion and diversification of the scientific research area. The presentation will emphasize the most important results as: the fundamental theory of precessional gearing, the structural synthesis of various types of precessional transmissions, the study of kinematics and dynamics, the elaboration of methods for calculating the capacity of multipatous convex-concave contact with difference of flank curves, the experimental research of functional characteristics, etc.

The new manufacturing technology of nonstandard teeth profiles based on original generation principles with precessional tools of different geometry, by injection of plastics under pressure and pressure sintering of metal powders, including modern generation technology of machine tools will be exhibited with numerical control (CNC).

Also, modern methods for design-manufacture-research of precessional transmissions based on the CAD/CAM/CAE platform and modern experimental stands related to data acquisition and processing will be exhibited.

Subject matter experts will present the findings of experimental research and their comparative analysis with known mechanical transmissions including Wildhaber-Novikov transmissions with convex-concave contact of conjugated teeth.

During the conference, the Monograph „Precessional Transmissions” in 3 volumes, published in 2022, will be presented by its author – Professor, Academician Ion Bostan.

For our 27th edition of the international conference we would like to express our gratitude to organizers of the previous editions and all the participants and scientists involved in the reviewing process. We will do our best to continue their hard work and preserve the tradition of building relationships among teachers, scientists, researchers, universities and institutions. We are kindly welcome and inviting you to take part to our new conference edition of IMANEE 2023!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee
Conference General Chair

Academician Ion BOSTAN
Professor, Dr. hab., Professor Emeritus

The participation of Technical Sciences Academy of Romania ( ASTR ) as co organizer of the 27th edition of Innovative Manufacturing Engineering & Energy International Conference is a natural consequence of the establishment of the Chisinau branch of the ASTR.

I wish success to all participants at this conference which includes chapters of engineering sciences in which our colleagues from Chisinau have international priorities.

Prof. univ. em. dr. ing. Valeriu V. JINESCU
Chairman of ASTR

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